DINO World Game

  • Manufacturer: HABA
  • Suggested Age: 6+
  • The box serves as the rock that the dinosaurs jump off to go hunting. The 16 archaeopteryx cards are spread out on the table to form the jungle they hunt in.
  • Then each player takes one game marker and a set of cards with: 1 T-rex (purple), 2 spinosaurus (red), 2 dilophosaurus (blue), 4 velociraptors (yellow).
  • Then select one of your dino cards and “push” it from the top of the box towards the dinos in the jungle.
  • Did your card land on one or more other cards? Great! You may take all dinosaurs that are underneath your dinosaur AND are smaller than the dinosaur you are using to hunt with!
  • The game ends when you have sent all your dinosaurs out to hunt. Now everybody counts how many dinosaurs are collected under their game marker. The player with the most points wins the game.

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