Give a Little Snuggle-Soft Cover Book

  • Manufacturer: Fox Pointe Publishing
  • Suggested Age: 4-8 Years

Music soothes our souls, wiggles get the mad out, giggles lighten the load, and a snuggle brings a calm connectedness. Give a Little Snuggle is a story about your child. The delightful illustrations, text, and music, are created with all hearts in mind. It is a story about blue times and rough times, and the fear that comes with those times. It is a story that teaches children and adults alike, that though we may have blue times, rough times, and fearful times, there is always something we can do to ease our soul; connect with those we love and who love us.

When your child is sad or upset, you may find connecting difficult. Their “upsets” become yours, and soon you are at your wit’s end. Nothing you try works to calm or connect. You may think your child wants to be left alone. But as a mother and educator, I can assure you what they really want and need, is connection.

This book helps you do just that: Connect when there is sadness, connect when it’s been a bad day, connect when there is fear…

I wrote this as a song first, when my son was having a meltdown. No matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t “let me in.” Out of desperation I just started singing. These are the words that came out.

Suitable for ages 4 to 8.

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